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Using a Student Teaching Experience to Build a Career as a Teacher


Developing a career as a teacher starts with the experiences gained through student teaching. A student teacher learns from a mentor and gains the opportunity to develop specific skills when working in the classroom. Maintaining certain information and working on specific skills allows a student teacher to improve his or her abilities as a teacher in the future.

Skills Learned in the Classroom Environment
Student teaching is an opportunity to work directly with students under the supervision of an experienced educator. While the specific skills an individual develops throughout their experience vary, certain abilities improve after becoming a student teacher:

  • learning to speak in front of the students
  • developing and building lesson plans
  • grading papers, tests or other student work

Student teaching is one of the building blocks of basic skills every educator needs. Since the individual works with a mentor teacher, he or she learns valuable tools to assist children or teenagers in a classroom setting.

Tools to Improve Career Opportunities
Career goals play an important part in the student teaching. While each person has different benefits throughout the experience, student teaching provides specific tools to improve long-term career goals.

  • During the internship, a student teacher develops a relationship with a mentor, which may result in a recommendation letter
  • Keeping in touch with educators met during the student teaching experience is a well of experienced professionals for advice and support

A student teacher builds his or her reputation throughout student teaching. If the school has positions open in the future a prior student teacher already has a foot in the door.

Tips and Tricks from Mentors
Every educator develops his or her personal skills and style when working with students in a classroom. Student teaching provides opportunities for:

  • Learning how to calm students before starting class
  • How to handle specific complications or problems that happen when working with students
  • Opportunities to see effective lesson plans in practice

Mentors play an essential role in developing personal skills and growth as an educator. They assist the student teacher with the practical application of skills learned in the classroom.

Staying Positive During a Job Search
After completing a degree and requisite student teaching experience, expect a reasonable amount of time before a job search results in a full-time position. Although a position as a student teacher provides some experience as an educator, schools do not always have positions available or may require specific qualifications before giving a job offer to a new teacher.

Student teachers develop and build valuable skills as professional educators. A mentor educates a student teacher and provides valuable insights into the teaching process. An individual gains the opportunity to stand in front of the students and teach lessons with the help of a professional teacher. Student teachers should to take this gained confidence and experience as they transform throughout the process of becoming a full time teacher.

Even if you don’t pursue teaching as your carrer (though we really hope you do!), all of the skills learned in student teaching are valuable in other fields.

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