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Useful Apps: Creative


It seems like technology dominates our lives nowadays, but there are plenty of apps that can make your life as a teacher easier. This series will go over different productivity, lesson planning, classroom management, and creative apps to help you in the classroom.

Technology opens up new ways for you to present a lesson. What you can do on a whiteboard or chalkboard is quite restrictive, so there are apps out there to make it easier to present information in an interesting way.


Air sketch turns your iPad into a wireless whiteboard. This app makes it easy to teach lessons or project images from your iPad onto the whiteboard. You can sketch on pdfs and images and record your sessions to be viewed at a later time.


Educreations Interactive Whiteboard makes it easy to annotate, animate, or narrate nearly any content.  You can create lessons and save them to be heard by students later on. You can even create classes that sync to students who are also using the app.


Explain Everything is a screen casting app that makes it easy annotate, animate, narrate, and share your lessons. You can create slides with text, photos, videos, and audio. You can use your tablet or phone as a whiteboard, and save the lesson for students to rewatch later.


Notability is a note-taking app for creative minds. It combines handwriting, typing, photos, and audio to create the notes that are best for you. You can even upload pdfs of students work and make notes with a stylus right on the page. Your notes are synced on the iCloud and shared across all devices. You can share your notes on Dropbox or Google Drive with your students or other teachers.

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