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Useful Apps: Classroom Management


It seems like technology dominates our lives nowadays, but there are plenty of apps that can make your life as a teacher earlier. This series will go over different productivity, lesson planning, classroom management, and creative apps to help you in the classroom.

            There are even applications that can be used in the classroom, both for your own benefit and for the benefit of the class. There are some that make it easier to track classroom behavior, grades, and attendance, while others help with the day-to-day happenings in the classroom. Whatever these apps may do, they will make your life easier. 


Edmodo helps teachers and students collaborate online. Teachers can post messages and assignments for students to see. They can post online chats and lead discussions. They can track students’ progress on assignments and communicate with teachers from other schools.


Teacherkit is an organizational tool made to make teacher’s lives a little easier. You have the ability to take roll, record grades, track behavior, and create a seating chart all on your phone. You can store your students’ information, as well as their parents. You can add a picture of the students if you have a hard time learning names. The app even creates info graphics from the information you input.


This app allows teachers to create custom quizzes that students can take on their phones. You can make polls and ask students if they are understanding the lesson. The only issue with this app is that all students need to have a smartphone or computer.


Teachers can use this to manage classroom behavior, while students and parents can track feedback. The app creates behavioral reports that make it easy to share performance with parents. There is even a messaging system that allows chats with parents.


Have an issue with noise level? Well, this app allows you to set an acceptable noise level for your classroom. A cartoon noise meter shows the noise level of the classroom, if it gets too loud an alarm will go off immediately. The visual aspect of the app allows students to be aware of how loud their being. The app even has a star award system that gives or takes away star based on how long the class stays quiet.

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