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How to End Your Student Teaching Experience


Student teaching offers a valuable and insightful way to see what the teaching process is like. The main downside to this experience is that it does come to an end at some point. Student teachers should work on preparing for the end of this experience beforehand in order to leave a great impression on students, teachers and staff. As the final day of student teaching approaches, student teachers should keep the following tips in mind.

Say goodbye to students
Student teachers can form a bond with students even in the short time they have during this experience. This can make it difficult to say goodbye to these students on the last day of student teaching. To make this easier, student teachers should focus on the positive while interacting with students, such as praising students for what they have achieved. They can also thank students for making their student teaching experience an enjoyable one. Student teachers can also take this opportunity to set a good example for students on handling change by maintaining a positive and hopeful attitude.

Say goodbye to teachers and staff
Student teachers should also plan on saying farewell to the teachers they have interacted with, as well as other staff members and the school principal. These goodbyes can be simple, heartfelt ones, such as thanking teachers and staff or wishing them well.

Write a thank you note
One of the most effective ways to leave a good impression is by taking the time to write out thank you notes. These notes can be written to the school principal and teachers. In these notes, student teachers can express their gratitude for being given the opportunity to practice teaching in the classroom and learning more about the school and its students. These thank you notes can be just a few lines in length, rather than a long note. Remember that teachers and principals are very busy and will appreciate a short thank you note that gets right to the point instead of one that will take a while to read.

Give a small gift to mentor teachers
Mentor teachers provide student teachers with helpful guidance along the way as they go through their student teaching experience. In some cases, student teachers might want to consider giving a gift to their mentor teacher. This should be a simple yet thoughtful gift that shows how much their help, support and guidance is appreciated. Student teachers who are good at arts and crafts can create a gift based on their mentor teacher’s favorite colors or theme while others can select a store-bought gift that the teacher will enjoy.

Collect notes, lesson plans and other materials
In addition to saying goodbye and getting ready to leave, student teachers should make sure they remember all that they have learned from this experience. Going over notes that were taken and reflecting on the lessons they learned while teaching or while watching their mentor teacher in the classroom can provide student teachers with the insight they need to succeed when they start their career. These materials should be kept in one place where they can be easily accessed whenever they are needed.

Although leaving a student teaching experience can be an emotional time, it is also a time to focus on the future. Student teachers can think back on everything they have experienced during this time, from the tips they received from teachers to conversations they had with students, and use the insight they have gained when they begin teaching their own class

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